• Impossible to reuse

  • Reusable, eco-friendly

  • Excavation, forms, concrete, and many 
    hours of installation. Almost always
    without warranty.

  • Clean , no excavation needed to install

  • Many pieces of equipment and people on job site.

  • One piece of equipment. One man job most of the time.

  • ​Excavation, dirt piles, cure time, fix damaged landscape from heavy equipment 

  • ​Lower cost, less down time. No landscape damages 

SCREW PILE                   CONCRETE

Made in Canada

Support Head

Fixed or adjustable, flat or U-Shaped, Postech ofers a full range of support heads tailored to your project's needs

Thermal Insulation

This specially formulated insulation systemdurable and permanent, forms a protection zone that prevents water, cold air, frost and ice from forming at the base of the Postech Thermal Screw Pile, providing optimum protection against movement caused by frost and thaw.

Galvanized Steel

The Postech Thermal Screw Piles are fully galvanized, which provides durable protection against corrosion

Protected Air Chamber

Installed below the frost line, it serves as the load bearer and at the same time provides effective resistance to uplift. Postech thermal Piles are both a foundation and an anchor. The size of the blade is established based on the load supoorted and the type of soil in which the screw pile is installed.

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